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Uplifting Body, Mind, & Spirit!
Workshops & Events
Certified Assertiveness Coach
Online Certification Course
If you’re ready to free yourself from the pain that has you wrapped in fear, if you’re eager to heal your toxic relationships and set healthy boundaries, the Certified Assertiveness Coach Online Course will help you step into your truth so that you may follow your life purpose.

Secrets of Meditation
  ~Finally experience present-moment-awareness making it easy, accessible, and practical.
  ~ Connect with your most divine wisdom
  ~ Awaken your inner healer
  ~ Discover practical steps to help you stay grounded, calm, and centered
  ~ Learn tools, tips, & techniques to de-stress in the middle of a crisis
  ~ Cultivate greater clarity, purpose, and vision, and
  ~ Unfold your life with greater grace and ease

Elemental Space Clearing
Elemental Space Clearing® Online Certification Course, includes far more than learning to clear your energy and your home. It is a globally recognized certification course that offers you an opportunity to use these techniques for your loved ones and for clients, if you choose to follow a career path in this growing field. Mainstream interest in space clearing is dramatically expanding. Many businesses are discovering that the well-being of employees improves when energy is cleared. Additionally, businesses who use these techniques are seeing sales and profits expand as well.
Writer's Workshop
Here’s the truth: If you have a true calling to write a story or a book, that unfulfilled feeling inside will never go away until you start honoring the writer and messenger inside of you. You’ll also never experience that great sense of relief and purpose that comes when you follow your life purpose of writing your important book

These intensive 2-day workshops are led by Reid Tracy, CEO and President of Hay House. Reid has secured over 60 New York Times best-sellers for Hay House in the last 27 years. Hay House is now the largest self-empowerment publishing company in the world. Reid knows exactly what it takes to get noticed by a publisher and what publishers are looking for in new authors. 
Angel Card Reader
Certification Coarse 
This online course will take your readings to the next level so that you can receive specific and detailed answers for yourself, your friends and family, and your clients. And it’s suitable for those who are new to oracle cards, as well as seasoned pros.
 You can even build a fulfilling career or side business offering readings and guidance to people who are lost, confused or struggling with difficult decisions.  
Manifest Your Soul's Purpose
The lessons in this online course will assist you in fulfilling your one true purpose for being here. Those burning desires that you know and feel have nothing to do with your ego/personality. YOU ARE LIGHT and those burning desires you feel are there for you to connect to this Light. Come join and allow yourself to experience your true essence of the divine spark that lies within and fulfill your true purpose.
How To Heal A Grieving Heart
All of us have already or will someday experience loss and grief in our life. When we're grieving, we all need support and comfort, but we also need to understand that these feelings and experiences are necessary in order for our souls to grow.

This Online Course will provide you with ability to take gentle care of yourself and others in this sensitive time, and to open your heart and mind to receiving signs from your loved ones and recognize the gifts a soul leaves behind when it transitions from this side to the other.

Online Courses
 With  Some of Your Favorite Teachers
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Bridge Building for Intuitive Youth

DATE: Saturday, Sept 23, 2017 
TIMES: 10:00am to 12:30pm 
AGES: 9 to 12 (flexible)
COST: $60* plus GST 
- Optional Parent Cost: $40 plus GST
 -*$10 OFF (for children who have previously attended. Please bring your workbook.)

Thetahealing® certified: Tina McFerran and Tawnya Kalt.

In this workshop your intuitive child will learn and practice tuning into their intuition and psychic senses in a safe and positive way using the Thetahealing® meditation and techniques.

 Although the main basis of this workshop will stay the same, the content and practices will vary.
So we encourage your child to come as many times as they would like.

All children are intuitive!


Plug Into Your Intuition
& Other Psychic Senses

DATE: Saturday, Sept 23, 2017
TIME: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm 
COST: $60.00 plus GST

Certified ThetaHealer ® Practitioner and Instructor: Rachel McFerran

In these workshops you will learn:
~How the brain functions in different brain waves and how that can increase or decrease your abilities.
~How our subconscious works and how to have more influence over it. This helps to clear self-sabotage and helps with creating and manifesting.
~How to muscle test to see what programs or beliefs are running in your subconscious and creating your reality.
~What may be blocking you to using your abilities and how to clear those blocks.
~How to use the Thetahealing® meditation to train your brain into a theta brain wave on command.
~Various exercises to practice and validate your abilities.

We only use 10% of our brain, what would be possible if you had the tools to unlock and train your brain to do more than you imagined. Develop your other senses, intuition, connection and mental capacity.
You could change your world and the world of others. Thetahealing® is used in over 150 countries. It is used by all religions, by doctors, professional sports teams and in businesses


Building Your Intuition 
& Other Psychic Senses

DATE: Saturday, Sept 23, 2017
TIME: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
COST: $20.00 plus GST

​Certified ThetaHealer ® Practitioner and Instructor: Rachel McFerran

Some of the benefits of learning to tap into a theta brain wave on command:
Scientists have discovered that certain brain wave frequencies (especially the Alpha and Theta) may:

1. Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction in stress for people prone to anxiety states.
2. Facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity.
3. Increase verbal ability and performance IQ.
4. Better synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain.
5. Recall mental images live and spontaneous imaginative and creative thinking.
6. Reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins.

Presents: Theta Workshops All Day Long!
Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2017

LOCATION & REGISTRATION: InJoy Studio & Boutique
**Pay in advance to reserve your seat** Registration is non-refundable.

        10:00am-12:30pm                          1:00pm-4:00pm                         & 4:00pm-5:00pm

 BASIC Thetahealing ®
 Certification Class 
Nov 3rd-5th, 2017 for info Email: