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Uplifting Body, Mind, & Spirit!
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Workshops & Events
Secrets of Meditation
  ~Finally experience present-moment-awareness making it easy, accessible, and practical.
  ~ Connect with your most divine wisdom
  ~ Awaken your inner healer
  ~ Discover practical steps to help you stay grounded, calm, and centered
  ~ Learn tools, tips, & techniques to de-stress in the middle of a crisis
  ~ Cultivate greater clarity, purpose, and vision, and
  ~ Unfold your life with greater grace and ease

Elemental Space Clearing
Elemental Space Clearing® Online Certification Course, includes far more than learning to clear your energy and your home. It is a globally recognized certification course that offers you an opportunity to use these techniques for your loved ones and for clients, if you choose to follow a career path in this growing field. Mainstream interest in space clearing is dramatically expanding. Many businesses are discovering that the well-being of employees improves when energy is cleared. Additionally, businesses who use these techniques are seeing sales and profits expand as well.
Writer's Workshop
Here’s the truth: If you have a true calling to write a story or a book, that unfulfilled feeling inside will never go away until you start honoring the writer and messenger inside of you. You’ll also never experience that great sense of relief and purpose that comes when you follow your life purpose of writing your important book

These intensive 2-day workshops are led by Reid Tracy, CEO and President of Hay House. Reid has secured over 60 New York Times best-sellers for Hay House in the last 27 years. Hay House is now the largest self-empowerment publishing company in the world. Reid knows exactly what it takes to get noticed by a publisher and what publishers are looking for in new authors. 
Manifest Your Soul's Purpose
The lessons in this online course will assist you in fulfilling your one true purpose for being here. Those burning desires that you know and feel have nothing to do with your ego/personality. YOU ARE LIGHT and those burning desires you feel are there for you to connect to this Light. Come join and allow yourself to experience your true essence of the divine spark that lies within and fulfill your true purpose.
How To Heal A Grieving Heart
All of us have already or will someday experience loss and grief in our life. When we're grieving, we all need support and comfort, but we also need to understand that these feelings and experiences are necessary in order for our souls to grow.

This Online Course will provide you with ability to take gentle care of yourself and others in this sensitive time, and to open your heart and mind to receiving signs from your loved ones and recognize the gifts a soul leaves behind when it transitions from this side to the other.

Online Courses
 With  Some of Your Favorite Teachers
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1) you were a participant in our Level 1 Class
2) you are already familiar with Oracle Cards and desire to enhance your practice 

Together, let’s hone our skill set and deepen our connection.
Engaging in a relationship with Oracle Cards and becoming more comfortable using this medium, will increase your confidence to explore and grow your personal self-care practice.

Are you ready to go deeper into your dialogue with the Divine?

Do you want more class time to practice and more ways to weave the messages you receive through your Oracle Cards into each and every life experience?

Do you desire to bring the power of the oracle deeper into our daily self-empowerment practice?

Then we are thrilled to welcome you to LEVEL 2 of the well-attended, Magical Oracle Circle ~ Oracle Card Class! 

Held in the comfortable, uplifting atmosphere of our classroom, nestled here, inside of InJoy Studio and Boutique!

In this class you will be given the opportunity and knowledge to bring your understanding of this powerful and exciting divination tool to an even richer and deeper experience, as we explore the powerful symbols of the artwork the card decks offer as well as those provided in nature, auditory moments, commercial interactions, and social memes, along with the more subtle and personal symbolism that your daily personal life provides.

By design, this second level offers you the opportunity to become more comfortable using Oracle Cards as a tool to receive wisdom from your Higher Self. Sacred messages that are for your greatest joy and highest good and for the greatest joy and the highest good of All.
Come join us!

What you will Experience:
  • A brief review of Level 1 topics, includes a Q & A for questions that have cropped up in your practice at home
  • Deciphering symbols and exploring metaphors, revealed by the cards and our life surrounding us
  • A deeper understanding of what a self-love (personal empowerment) practice is
  • Structured card spreads, what they are for, and how you can adapt a perfect one for your current needs
  • Applying your specifically crafted question to a card spread designed specifically for this class
  • Learning how to trust the information and divine guidance you are receiving through the cards, and the diverse signs and symbols in your daily life.
  • *On the day of the workshop you will receive a complementary deck of the beautiful new
  • Mystic Sister Oracle Deck by Emily Balivet (value $39) PLUS 25% OFF another Oracle Card Deck of your choice!*

TIME: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (3 hours)
COST: $144* plus GST
LOCATION: InJoy Studio & Boutique
FACILITATOR: Jacquie Klosch 
CO-HOST: Colette Freeman

*Reserve your spot at InJoy Studio & Boutique. Registration is non-refundable*

If you are interested in meeting our facilitator Jacquie Klosch prior to the workshop, she will be AVAILABLE ONE WEEK BEFORE the class (Saturday the 22nd) from 10am till 2pm at InJoy Studio in the Boutique area, to answer any questions you may have about our Magic Oracle Classes. 

Falling in LOVE with Yourself

During this Inter-active workshop you will:
identify and celebrate lovable qualities you hold within yourself - each participant guaranteed success
participate in a guided meditation where you will greet and talk with your higher self
become acquainted with or increase your knowledge of self-appreciation in a group discussion using Oracle cards as talking points
receive practical tips on falling in love with yourself; while sharing ideas on what that looks like through your eyes and the eyes of your classmates
experience how you can love yourself to health and feel the benefit loving yourself brings to your everyday activities

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Cost: $77.00 (plus GST)

Workshop Facilitator: Jacquie Klosch
Location: InJoy Studio (1409-9th Ave PG)

This workshop is limited to 7 participants. Pay in advance to reserve your seat.
*This Workshop is non-refundable
*Although there will be no cash refunds for this workshop, a credit for future service or workshop with Jacquie will be honoured if used within 30 days of the workshop date.

Jacquie Klosch:
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor. In private practice for 8 years. Offering workshop topics that awaken and nurture personal growth, and private Tarot/Oracle card readings

*Workshop Date POSTPONED*